Caps to be put on Christmas Tree Purchases This Year Due to Supply Issues.

Widdlehole news desk has been anonymously sent a leaked paper sent to the local council explaining how it is going to be necessary to put a cap on Christmas Tree purchases this year.

The system takes into account the Read more

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Idiots cause shortage of fuel in Devon.

Despite the Mayor announcing that there is no fuel shortage in Devon, there is now a fuel shortage.

Both the nearby supermarket and local independent fuel station, McFillins on Westchester Road have now sold out of fuel because everyone Read more

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Village idiot buys house near town pub.

There’s been a whole lot of hoo-har caused by a local resident who moved into Widdlehole and is unhappy that the local pub occasionally has live music and people go there to drink alcohol.

Mr Paddy O’Really moved into Read more

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Bungee Jumping back at Foxtons Lodge.

Throughout the summer season and subject to weather on weekends and bank holidays at other times of the year, you can now enjoy a bungee jump at Foxtons Lodge. Major Gorlimingstantonshire has re-opened this popular attraction despite the negative publicit... Read more
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Fire in Department Store.

Residents of Widdlehole were alarmed early one morning this week when they spotted a fire in the Bindles Store in the centre of town."I couldn't believe it" said Justin Palmer of Arthur Shillin Court. "A fire, this time of year?"We telephoned Bindles and ... Read more
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Local man hung.

There was much celebration down at the Duke of York on Friday night where they held "Widdleholes most impressive member" competition.This year it was won by village newcomer Shimarle Hawksmere (African or something) with his impressive 13 inch pork sword,... Read more
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New Opening Hours for Widdlehole Crop Circle Museum.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary of opening, the Widdlehole Crop Circle Museum has extended its opening hours.If you've not visited before, it's a great way to spend a few hours.You will get to see real crop circle pictures, and visit their new improv... Read more
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New range of Hammocks coming to Bindles.

We've just had an email from Harold O'hanrahanrahan of Bindles Department Store Ltd. He says "Hi Brian,Please let your readers know that we now have the new XRKR-30 free standing hammock in stock as well as the Kellinger KR99SPS-MKII tree hammock.  What i... Read more
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St Judas Church Autumn Fete.

It was great to see so many of you out for the church fete on Saturday. As usual it was a splendid day in the grounds of Saint Judas (not Iscariot) church.Mrs Hughes raised £225 on the raffle . One lucky ticket. Mr Mitchel from Chuff Passage won a bottle ... Read more
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