Bungee Jumping back at Foxtons Lodge.

Throughout the summer season and subject to weather on weekends and bank holidays at other times of the year, you can now enjoy a bungee jump at Foxtons Lodge. Major Gorlimingstantonshire has re-opened this popular attraction despite the negative publicity given in the Bideford edition of the North Devon Gazette

Since the Gazette is run by big media and is controlled by the Illuminate, it was impossible to get them to retract their story about the two deaths that occured in 2019, both which were freak accidents that could have happened to anyone.

New Improved Safety.

“We wanted everyone to feel safe and confident about their safety when having a bungee jump. So now the elastic chord thing is checked every hour instead of only when we remembered, and the shooting range is now on a totally seperate area so there is no further risk of being shot by a freak stray bullet accident. We’ve also reinforced the old crane we use and fixed the bent bars.”

 Said Major Gorlimingstantonshire’s newly appointed head of health and safety Darcy Quinnalina.

And to encourage people to give it a go for themselves and see just how safe it is, all bungee jumps are just £6.50 each.