Widdlehole’s independent petrol station cheapest in the entire of the UK!

Lowest petrol prices in Devon August 2022

Local residents were left enraged earlier this week when the local news outlet Devon Live published a list of the cheapest petrol prices in Devon.

Up until last week, local residents were enjoying petrol at the old prices because since Tesco’s opened it’s petrol station in Bideford and the new bypass was built, The Jet station in Widdlehole hadn’t had to increase its prices.

The announcement of this massive saving on petrol caused a rush of motorists, some from as far as Lands End driving into Widdlehole and queueing for petrol. It didn’t take long for the tanks to be run dry by “greedy outsiders who frankly we don’t want here for the most part” as  parish councillor Major McFankneeblaster GCPMQ, RGB Hons put it.

“Sure, come enjoy our tourist hot spots, and refuel before you leave, but don’t come driving into our beautiful village that should be a town, rape us of our cheap fuel and then bugger off in your ridiculous 4×4 that you have to drive about in because you’re from Devon, even though the closest you get to off-road is parking on the school field for the summer fate.” he continued, without taking a breath, the intolerable old bore.

Anyway we’ve run out now and are all having to support Tesco. We asked them for comment and they told us “every little helps.”

The price that the Jet station was selling petrol for was a staggering 38.4p a litre cheaper than the next cheapest fuel anywhere in the country. This beats the previous cheapest record, which was held by Hassan Mohammed of the Texaco petrol station in Walkden, Greater Manchester, who back at the end of July was reported by reputable news source The Sun, to have been selling fuel at 27p a litre cheaper than anyone else.